Adoptions to Successions and Everything in Between

There are few things in life as stressful and emotional as a divorce. If your marriage is ending, it can be difficult to handle the ends and outs of a legal proceeding on top of all the other things with which you have to deal. You may not know what you are entitled and what your obligations might be. Our attorneys can help you understand your options and guide you through not only the divorce, but all the incidental matters that come along with the process. 

​Child Custody
When handling child custody matters, we firmly believe that the only thing that matters is what is in the best interest of the children.  Our firm handles child custody matters every single day.  We have the experience to not only explain all your options to you, but to fight to get you as much time with your child as possible. 

Child Support
Caring for children is expensive, and getting more expensive every day.  If you believe you are entitled to child support or an increase in existing child support payments, our attorneys can determine exactly what you are entitled.  If you are paying child support and either your income or your child's other parent's income has changed, you may be entitled to a decrease in your child support payments. Contact our office for a consultation where we can determine what you truly owe. 

Spousal Support
Often referred to in other states as "Alimony," Louisiana law offers two types of spousal support, interim and final. Interim Spousal Support is support that must by paid from one spouse to the other while the final divorce judgment is pending.  Final Periodic Spousal Support are payments made by one spouse to another after the divorce is final.  If the breakup of your marriage leaves you unable to pay your expenses, you could qualify for spousal support. Contact our office for a consultation with one of our attorneys to see what you are entitled. 

​Community Property
Any property acquired during a marriage is presumed to be community property and is owned equally by spouses. When the couple is divorcing, the property needs to be divided and ownership transferred.  

One of the happiest jobs an attorney can do is to assist a couple with an adoption. Whether you want to adopt a step-child through an intrafamily adoption or a non-relative in a private adoption, our attorneys can guide you through the often complex and lengthy adoption process. 

Protective Orders
Protective orders serve to protect people from violence, harassment, and stalking. If you are in fear of any of these, our attorneys can assist you through the process to make sure you are protected.  Sadly, sometimes people attempt to get a protective order when it is not warranted. Our attorneys also have experience defending people in hearings where a request for a protective order has been filed without merit. 

Emergency Custody Orders
When a child is in danger, every minute counts. An ex parte emergency custody order allows the immediate change of a custody schedule, without first having a hearing, when a child is in immediate harm.  When faced with this situation, you need an attorney who can immediately get you the result your child needs. 

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