Do you need a will?  Yes! People don't want to think about death, but it is a reality of life. Our office has seen many loved ones who have been harmed because someone did not have a will, or had an invalid will.  A will allows you to determine who gets your assets.  If you do not have a will, a court gets to decide who gets your property, without any say from your family.  A will is especially important if you have young children who will need to be cared for if you die. ​In this Internet age, people will often try to complete a will online or through a legal website.  You should never trust a website with your family's security.  If your will is from an internet source, you should always have a Louisiana attorney review it. 

A Trust can help protect your assets if you are no longer capable of handling your own affairs.  It can also be used to protect and direct the use of your property for your minor children in the case of your death. ​

Special Needs Trusts
If you have a child or family member who has special needs, the government often requires their assets to be used before they qualify for assistance.  A Special Needs Trust can protect their assets, while allowing them to receive government assistance, providing them the best quality of life possible. 

Medicaid Planning
​Nursing homes cost an average of $85,000 per year for an individual.
This can quickly deplete all of your assets, leaving your family with nothing after your death.  Medicaid Planning can be used to ensure you leave your family comfortable, while allowing you to receive proper end of life care.  


Handling the succession of a deceased family member can get very complicated very quickly, especially if real estate is involved. Handling the matter improperly can lead to further expense and inconvenience. Some people decide to just "kick the can down the road" and not handle a succession.  This can just create more complication for your children and grandchildren.  

Estate Planning

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